Kombu seaweed is an important part of Japanese cuisine. Kombu is also eaten in other parts of Asia as well; it can be found fresh, dried, pickled, and frozen in many Asian markets. There are a wide range of uses;kombu, and it is one of the more popular foods in Japan since it is so versatile and affordable, thanks to seaweed farming which makes it easy to cultivate and harvest. It grows naturally in the deep waters of the ocean and is a variety of very thick, wide and dark green kelp. While it is commonly used in cooking, specifically to make soup stocks, candy and condiments, Kombu is also useful in natural cures and home remedies.

Because Kombu, like all other seaweed, is harvested from the ocean, it is extraordinarily rich in mineral elements that provide immense nutritional benefits. Believed to be beneficial to beauty and diet, Kombu is also very low in calories.

Known to reduce rates of breast cancer in women, the Lignans in Kombu are specifically believed to be responsible for the lower incidence of the disease in Japanese women who consume diets rich in sea vegetables, including Kombu.

In people with under-active thyroids or who are deficient in proper levels of iodine, Kombu is also known to help increase physical energy. In fact, it is widely used in natural cures and home remedies to treat both of these disorders.

As a naturally rich source of dietary fiber, Kombu is also commonly used to treat bowel issues, including constipation, and other digestive ailments.

Kombu also helps to soften beans and legumes, making them easier to digest and will help to prevent gas too.

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  1. hi….

    it has gr8 benefits. i would like to know whr it available in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in India…..? I mean which kind of store is it vailable…?



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