Daiya Vegan Cheese

I am really excited about this product (Vancourerite Inventors too)!  I first read about it in Maclean’s and waited patiently for it to arrive in Canada, and, well its here!  By here I mean in Whole Foods, Choices, Famous Foods, Super Value….  So far I have made nachos and a vegetarian lasagne with this non-dairy, cheese like stuff and both turned out AWESOME!  It truly does stretch, melt, bake and taste like cheese!

Why is it so awesome:

  • Free of many common allergens including; dairy (casein and lactose), gluten, egg, peanuts and tree nuts;
  • Same refrigerated shelf life as dairy cheese. Once the package is opened it is good for 7 – 10 days in the fridge;
  • Can be frozen and reheated. (It will retain its melting, stretching and flavour properties); and
  • Healthy ingredients, GMO free, and almost all organic!



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