Lime Mousse

I have had the ingredients list for this one scribbled down on a piece of scrap paper for at least a year.  A friend gave it to me after she  tried this healthy little dessert at some raw vegan retreat.  I think I nailed the measurements on my first attempt.  The base being almost purely of avocado, this mousse is almost too healthy to be called dessert.  So deliciousness you won’t believe its raw vegan.  If you like lime, you will love this.  I think this would be equally as awesome done as  lemon or both!

Blender or food processor:
5              Avocados
1/4         cup Lime Zest (approximately 5 limes)
1/2         cup Lime Juice (juice from 5 limes)
1/4         cup Agave Syrup
3             tablespoons Coconut Butter*
Soft inside of 1/2 a Vanilla Bean
2             teaspoons Vanilla
1/2         teaspoon Sea Salt
Stevia to taste

Blend or process all ingredients till smooth.  Add Stevia to taste.

Chill and serve!

Important detail: The lime flavour will intensify as time passes so if you don’t intend on serving right away I suggest cutting down the zest!

*Coconut butter is the thick creamy butter on the sides of a freshly opened can of premium coconut milk (not a light version).

One response to “Lime Mousse

  1. So delish, but extremely rich – I’d like to try it as a tart filling! Would take down the intensity a bit plus hide the “guacamole” look.

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