Cilantro and Lemon Honey Roast Chicken

OK, time to add to Food Book’s Meat Category!  This recipe is 100% not my own, the first time it was made for me, James the creator said “Now don’t go falling in love with me over my chicken”  Ha! cocky comment to a passionate cook right!?  But, I must admit, it is THAT good.  Last night he made it again and I watched, it has few, fresh, healthy ingredients and is incredibly easy to put together.  The only addition I have is to start with Organic Free-Range Chicken, not only for ethical and optimum health reasons, but also because chicken’s raised in this manor truly do taste better.  As this isn’t my recipe I thought it to be appropriate that James write it out his way. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do (you will).


This is a simple and amazing roast chicken recipe that is great any time of year and works really well on a salad or with a wide variety of sides.  The biggest benefit to making this is the infusion technique, something I am only starting to experiment with and offers a limitless range of possibilities.

Step one:  Making the Cilantro Paste

In a food processor throw two bunches of fresh cilantro, minus the stems as you’ll use these later.


4-5 garlic cloves, depending on size

1 tbsp of kosher/rock salt

2-3 tbsp of honey, depending on how sweet you like your meat.

1 tbsp of olive oil

1-2 lemon’s worth of juice and pulp, you can add this later to change the consistency.  It’s better to have a thicker paste at first and loosen it up by adding more juice.  No seeds.

Food processor or blend it up until it’s it is a semi-liquid paste

Step Two: Getting Under the Skin.

Using your finger, create a pocket between the skin and the meat at the top of the breast area.  Leave the skin attached down the sternum.  Use a spoon to loosen the skin all around the meat, get down into the drum sticks and thigh area and make sure you don’t tear the skin. Using a spoon, put the cilantro paste into the openings at the top of the breasts, you’ll have to add it on either side of the sternum.  Move the paste around until it’s evenly distributed on the meat, under the skin, down into the thighs and drumsticks.  Stuff the chicken with the lemon halves and the cilantro stems.

Roast covered for 1-1 1/2 hrs at 350 in a roasting pan.  Use a thermometer depending on your oven and size of the chicken and broil uncovered to brown the skin, this should not take long, so keep an eye on it.

Let it cool for a few minutes then carve it up!  The carcass makes an unreal stock for soups and the drippings make a great sauce, just boil it with some water and flour or corn starch to thicken it up.



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