Lentil Soup with Spring Onions and Parsley

Try this delicious and simple lentil soup I’ve been meaning to post for a while! It’s quick to throw together and one of my fav’s.  Don’t skip out of the fresh parsley and shallot, these ingredients truly make the flavour.

Large pot
2              tablespoons Olive Oil
1              medium Yellow Onion, diced
1              teaspoon Cumin
3              medium Carrots, chopped
1              medium Yukon Gold Potato, small cubes
3-4          Garlic Cloves, whole
2              cups Lentils
2              litres Vegetable Stock
1-2          tablespoons Tamari
1-2          shots of Tabasco Sauce
1              bunch Parsley, chopped
1-2          Shallots, finely sliced
Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat olive oil and sauté diced onion with cumin for 2 minutes.  Add carrots and potatoes and cook for 2 more minutes.

Add garlic cloves whole, stock, tamari and Tabasco.

Add lentils, bring to a boil then reduce and simmer until lentils are soft and cooked.

Add parsley and serve with thinly sliced shallot on top.


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