My name is Kyla and I love to cook. I’m not a professional chef by trade nor do I have any formal training. It’s been through life experience and a desire to be the healthiest, best feeling version of me possible that this passion (sometimes obsession) has blossomed.

As much as I enjoy cooking, eating, reading cook books and going food shopping, I love sharing my creations and recipes with friends and family more.  This Food Book Recipes blog is a place for me to share. Most of my recipes are wheat and gluten-free, low or sugar-free, organic, local whenever possible, mostly vegetarian, some vegan and always delicious! I’ve either designed the recipe myself or developed a healthier version of a classic or tasty dish I’ve come across. If you are interested, you will also find loads of straight to the point information on why the ingredients used are so good for you.

Any and all comments are appreciated – thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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