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Banana Almond Ice Cream Pie – Dairy and Gluten Free

This one just came to me during a day dream about a batch of banana ice cream I had planned to make, it’s a gluten free graham crust layered with salted almond butter then covered in banana ice cream, topped with a dollop of non-dairy whip and drizzled with Calbert Chocolate – UNREAL.  Totally patting myself on the back with this one, I served it to two dinner parties this week and it went off really well both times.  The banana ice cream is super easy to do and is also deliscious as a dairy-free, sugar-free treat any time, for this all you do is chop up a bunch of ripe bananas, freeze them solid them blend in a food processor with a little almond milk till whipped up.  Serve immediately for a banana ice cream like delight.  For this ice cream pie recipe I used a couple products I got at Whole Foods.  First being gluten free graham crackers by Kinnikinnick, called S’moreables Graham Style Crackers. Gluten, dairy and nut free – awesome.  And, the whip topping by Truwip, 100% natural, 70% organic, no GMOs, no high fructose corn syrup, no hydrogenated oils, trans fat free, gluten free and no polysorbate 60, doesn’t get much better than that!

One round pie pan
One package of S’morables Graham Style Crackers
¼            cup Organic Goats Butter
Bunch   ripe, organic Bananas, chopped and frozen
1               tablespoon Vanilla
¼            cup Almond Milk
½             cup Almond butter
1                cup Calbert Chocolate, Milk or Dark, melted
Sea Salt
Truwhip Topping

Grind graham crackers in food processor, then, while machine is running slowly add melted butter.

Press graham mixture into pan by hand.

Spread Almond butter on top – this is challenging, I used an oiled spoon, it’s tricky but just get decent layer going.  Rough grind some sea salt on top.

Place frozen bananas and vanilla in food processor and blend, slowly add almond milk till a  whipped ice cream texture is achieved.

Fill pie to the top with frozen banana mixture.  Top the center with a generous dollop of Truwhip toping and drizzle whole dessert with melted chocolate.

Place in the freezer for 10 minutes and serve!  Can be frozen till you want to serve just simply remove from the freezer a little before serving till it softens a bit, much ice cream cake.

So delicious!  Enjoy =)